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Q.     Are the templates editable layers

  • Yes, the templates are all layered/editable files that can be edited and changed in Photoshop.

Q.  Are the templates compatible with Photoshop Elements?

  • We do not guarantee the templates will work with Photoshop Elements. This is stated in the Terms and Conditions agreed upon at the time of purchase. There are many functions in Photoshop that can’t be performed in Elements. 

 Q.  The template files are zipped. How do I unzip them?  

  • On a PC you can right click and click on “Extract All”. With a Mac you are able to double click on the zipped file. Your computer will then prompt you to open the zipped file with a program that has been set by your computer. 

Q.  How do I know the size of the photo placeholder or how do I size my Image?

  • It’s not necessary to know the exact dimensions of the photo placeholder. Once your image is in the placeholder box, the easiest way to size your image correctly is by using free transform. To free transform the image you will press Control + T (for PC) or Command + T (for Mac). You should then see the image handles appear around the image. While holding shift you can drag the corner handle in and out to get the photo to the size needed. Be sure to hold down the shift key to ensure you do not distort your original image. You can also hold down the Alt and Shift key to increase or decrease the image size from the center rather than the corner.

Q.  How can I change the colors of certain elements in the templates?

  • If the layer has a color overlay, you are able to double click on the color overlay and the effects style box will pop up. You can then adjust the color using the selective color box. If you want to select an exact color, you can use your eye dropper and put the color you are wanting in your foreground swatch. Once you have the color overlay effects box open, simply click on the foreground color and it will find that color in the effects box and hit ok. It will now apply the color change to the layer.

  • If the layer does not have a color overlay attached, the easiest way to adjust the color while keeping the texture is to use Hue/Saturation [Image>adjustments>hue/saturation]. From there you can then adjust the hue, saturation, lightness of the color that is already attached to the layer.

Q.  What if I don’t need all the photo placeholders that come with the template or want them to be horizontal versus vertical or vice versa?

  • You can simply delete or turn off any photo placeholders you do not use by dragging the layer to the trash can or by simply clicking off the eye attached to that particular layer.

  • You can also change the size of the photo placeholders at any time. You will want to select both the photo placeholder and the border (if it comes with a border) layers at the same time. You can then use free transform to change the placeholder box. Once you have the handle bars around the box, you can move and adjust the size of the photo placeholder box to where you would like it. It is best to do this before you put your photograph into the photo placeholder.

Q.  Can I edit the text?

  • You can edit all the text. You can add, delete, and modify all the text boxes. You will first want to select the text layer you are trying to edit. Select the Text Tool in the tools bar and click the text on the actual template to edit it. To change the color you will want to highlight all the text and select the color box on your top tool bar.

  • Please note that if you do not have the specific font used in the template, when you change or modify the text, the font will substitute or default to a font you own. Please see below how you can find or purchase the fonts used in the original template.

 Q.  How do I get the fonts used in the template if they are not already on my computer?

  • If you do not have the specific font used in the template, you can find the name by simply clicking on the text layer on the template. A box will pop up stating “the following fonts are missing for the layer”. It will then continue to name the text that is missing and suggest a substitution.

  • If you’d like to keep the original font used, it can often be found by searching the font name through the Internet using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo . Please keep in mind that some fonts may need to be purchased.

Q.  How do I submit my order to WHCC to be printed?  

  • Once you are completely finished with your template, flatten the PSD file and save it as a JPG. You may want to save a copy of the PSD version in case you have to go back and make any changes. To flatten the file, go to Layer>Flatten Image. All of your layers will flatten to just one layer. Save the file as a JPG by going to File, Save As, and chose JPG. Open WHCC ROES to complete the ordering process.

Q.  Can I use the template numerous times?  

  • Yes, once you download the template it is yours to use as many times as you’d like as long as your use fits within our Terms and Conditions. You will want to be sure to save a copy on your computer, external hard drive, etc. for future use. You may also want to create a backup copy just in case.