Senior Marketing Campaign


V Gallery's Senior Marketing Campaign includes several ideas, images and templates to start a model program for high school seniors. We have included our senior session pricelist/template and a template for our V the Magazine. This campaign is not only full of great ideas, but you will receive the elements, templates, and how-tos to help you create your own senior campaign. You will save time and money by not starting from scratch. Our goal is not only to give you the tools to start immediately, but to inspire you on new ways to capture the senior market.

V Gallery's Senior Marketing Campaign includes:

  • 1 12 Page Magazine Template
  • 1 Boutique Grad Card Template
  • 1 Mini Accordion Book Template
  • 5 Mini Accordion Book Cover Templates
  • 2 Model Search Marketing Flyer Templates
  • 1 Rep Card Template
  • 1 Senior Session Pricelist Template
  • 1 Party Invite Template
  • 1 Photo Booth Template
  • 1 Senior Sale Marketing Card Template
  • 5 Sign Templates
  • 1 Wallet Template
  • 18 Inspiration and Informational Images
  • 3 How-To Guides
  • 2 Video

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